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1-Phase Pink Mask Gel 15g

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1-PHASE PINK MASK GEL , it self-levels on the nail plate and it covers the nail plate well while also optically lengthening the nail. It covers any discolourations or imperfections.

Thanks to the study of the best products combined together in the correct proportions,  this product can be used in the three stage process. Due to this the style will be very durable.

  • Single phase, self-leveling
  • Perfect for lengthening nails on a  nail form and on tips.
  • Works seamlessly with other gels
  • Aluminium packaging
  • Medium thick gel

1. Prepare the nails and cuticles the same way as for a regular manicure, shape the nail.according to prefrence.
2. Using a brush, apply two thin layers of 1-Phase Pink Mask Gel directly over the whole nail plate, make sure not to apply it on the cuticles.
3. Cure layer for 2 minutes under a 36-watt UV lamp.
4. Follow up with the polishing preparation Quick Finish Matt, apply it like a regular nail polish, and cure for 2 minutes under the UV lamp. Finish with cleansing.

Note: The colour in the picture may differ slightly to the real product.
Warnings: The product is intended for professional use, flammable, keep away from children, after opening use up to 12 months.
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