36 Easy Gel Polish

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Winter is the best time to mix juicy and saturated colours on your nails.

Hybrid manicures are one of the latest trends in manicure. Now with an improved formula of the hybrid system Esay , your nails will be beautiful up to two weeks! Hybrid Esay is an excellent alternative to traditional nail polish. The Vision Nails products will make you feel special. New Hybrid Easy holds on the nails with ease, and its color is intense, looks fresh, does not get dull.

  • A new thicker formula
  • The perfect opaqueness to cover the nail in one go
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
The removal of Hybrid nails.   

Gently file the top layer with a file.
Press a cotton pad with acetone to the nail for a few minutes.
Remove with a wooden stick .
Note: The colour in the picture may differ slightly to the real product.
Warnings: The product is intended for professional use, flammable, keep away from children, after opening use up within 12 months.
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