Cream Mask with AHAs

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Foot care is essential. Aside from scrubs and creams, which make our feet silky soft, it is worth to use masks! FOOT CREAM MASK with AHAs is an excellent choice, because it is intended for dry, damaged and tired feet. Alpha hydroxy acids are a special group of organic acids which stimulate cell regeneration, smooth the skin, moisturize stratum corneum, these factors improve the appearance and flexibility of the epidermis.

Thanks to its ingredients, the mask intensively exfoliates calluses and prevents their renewal. Feet become nice to the touch, well-cared and pampered. Mask treatment is a pure pleasure – that is ensured by the special scent of bergamot orange and verbena.

  • Intensively exfoliates and smoothes the stratum lucidum
  • Improves the appearance and condition of the feet
  • Eliminates calluses, corns and dead skin
  • Intensively moisturizes, regenerates, smoothes, and softens the foot skin

Does not contain parabens, colorants, paraffin and substances of animal origin.
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